Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Network for Drug Discovery in Oncology

Center for Drug Discovery and Development (C3D)

Plateforme technologique
Stéphane Giraud
33 426 556 774


Drug Discovery, screening, hit to lead, lead optimization,  pharmacology, Medicinal chemistry, preclinical profiling


C3D, Center for Discovery and Development is a unique academic drug discovery team created to fill the translational gap in oncology between fundamental research and patients. The aim of this plateform is to develop drug discovery programs based on validated target identified by basic researchers. The mission of the C3D is thus to provide the research teams with the means and technical support to identify, characterize and develop new cancer therapies (antibodies or small organic molecules). The C3D works in the early stages of exploratory research, up until the entry into clinical trials.
The challenges of the C3D are:
– To accelerate the transfer of academic research programs towards the clinic and to patients
– To create developmental partnerships between academic and industrial research.

The operation of the platform is carried out by a steering committee comprising researchers, clinicians, IP responsives and the Head of C3D.
This committee selects the projects developed in the C3D, makes strategic decisions, both scientific and financial, and monitors the management and advancement of research programs. The committee is also aided by several independent experts who evaluate and orientate the scientific projects.

Molecular and cellular Biology; Biochemistry; Medicinal chemistry; early-ADME; Regulatory preclinical development; Project Management

Core activities
Drug discovery: hit to validated lead (biological- pharmacological activity); preclinical pharmacological profiling; target and biomarker validation; drug combination; drug repositioning; regulatory preclinical development (safety pharmacology, toxicity).


  • Equipment
    Automated liquid handling (robotic platform) ; multi-technology microplate readers (96 – 384 wells) ; 2 HPLC chains coupled to mass spectrometers ; Microscopy (fluorescence imaging) ; HP D300 dispenser ; Cell culture room; HCS platform: operetta CLS Perkin Elmer
  • Libraries
    The Prestwick library, 1200 FDA approved compounds ; a core library of 52 000 « drug like » compounds ; a protein-protein inhibition library: 13 000 compounds; a natural « like » compounds: 1200; a kinase inhibitor library of 590 compounds under development or already on the market.
  • Other facilities
    C3D has strong interactions with many other platform of the CLB like: the in vivo imagery platform, the bioinformatic platform, Anican and the LMT for the generation of animal models, the ex-vivo platform, and an anathomopathology platform for the study of biomarkers in animal models.
  • Competencies
    Primary and disease relevant – secondary screenings (target or cell-based; multiple assay format and read-out technologies); incease of compounds potency (MedChem, SAR),
    Early-ADME: kinetic solubility in assays medium, permeation (PAMPA), metabolic stability (microsome / S9), CYP450 inhibition, Cytotoxicity (chronic – acute toxicity).


Fondation Synergie Lyon Cancer
Translational Research and Innovation department, Centre Léon Bérard
Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Lyon

Centre Léon Bérard, bât. Cheney C
69273 cedex Lyon