Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Network for Drug Discovery in Oncology

Criblage pour des Molécules BioActives (CMBA)

Plateforme technologique
Marie-Odile Fauvarque
Caroline BARETTE
Emmanuelle SOLEILHAC


Automated assay development, Cancer, Cell signaling, Cell growth and differentiation, Drug Discovery,  Molecular screening , HTS – High throughput screening, HCS High Content Screening, Inflammation, Rare disease, Therapeutic targets


The CMBA screening platform aims at the identification of bioactive molecules valuable for research, pharmacological validation of therapeutic targets and drug development in cancer and other therapeutic fields. It is open to academic and industrial partners to promote translational research and Drug Discovery.

The CMBA is a member of the national infrastructure ChemBioFrance ( which is a distributed infrastructure that interconnects the French national chemical library (Chimiothèque Nationale CN), the platforms for the screening and the pharmacokinetic studies (Screening-ADME), and molecular modeling laboratories (chemoinformatics).

The CMBA also works in close collaboration with medicinal experts of the Department of pharmacology of University Grenoble Alpes (DPM-Expert) for further hits analysis and drug development in the frame of the IBiSA labeled Grenoble Alpes Probes and Drug Discovery consortium (GAP2D) (

An in-house sftware has been developed for chemical collections management and hits selection on robust statistical criteria (TAMIS)


The CMBA platform is fully equipped to perform high-throughput screening campaigns (HTS) on either purified targets or living cells, as well as phenotypic screening by automated imaging using the high content screening methodology (HCS).

We propose pharmacological profiling of your extracts or in-house collection of molecules. We can also develop and adapt personalized and innovative assays to 96-well or 384-well microplates on demand for the automated screening of large collections of molecules available at CMBA platform.

A number of small to large chemical collections are available at the platform (including 2200 FDA-approved drug, commercial libraries and the national chemical library) totalizing more than 70,000 compounds.

CMBA-HTS Robotic Platform – Contact : Dr Caroline Barette, :

  • Tecan’s EVO200 workstation, 8-channel heads (hit picking) and 96 channels (suitable for 96 and 384-well plates)
  • STX44 StoreX ™ LiCONiC Cell Incubator (42 Plates)
  • Tecan’s « HydroSpeed ™ » automated scrubber
  • Tecan’s « Infinite® M1000 » plate reader (absorbance, fluorescence (including FRET, HTRF, anisotropy) and luminescence (including BRET))
  • Carousel Tecan, Orbital shaker,Barcode reader
    CMBA-HCS High Content Screening Platform –Contact : Dr Emmanuelle Soleilhac
  • INCell Analyzer 1000
  • ArrayScanVTI


UMRS_1038 Large Scale Laboratory (BGE)
17 rue des Martyrs
38180 Grenoble