Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Network for Drug Discovery in Oncology

Génie Pharmaceutique (Gepharm)

Equipe de recherche
Eyad Almouazen  
Giovanna Lollo  


Pharmaceutical technology, Nanomedicine, Biomedical Imaging, Drug Delivery, Gene Delivery, Vaccine, Immunotherapy


The LAGEPP (Laboratoire d’Automatique, de Génie des Procédés et de Génie Pharmaceutique) is a research laboratory of the University Lyon 1 and the French national Institute for scientific research (CNRS UMR 5007). It develops pluridisciplinary research in chemical engineering and pharmaceutical technology.

The “pharmaceutical engineering” team (GePharm) expertise encompasses several scientific domains devoted to physico-chemical characterization, formulation and biological in vitro evaluation.

This team mainly works on novel nanosystems for the administration of chemical and biological compounds intended for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Different projects are ongoing and aimed at implementing conventional chemotherapeutic strategies with immunotherapeutic approach to fight cancers. Gepharm has the expertise to evaluate the druggability, to enhance bioavailability overcoming biological barriers and to provide targeting functionality to novel molecular candidates.

The team is composed of 3 Professors, 6 Associates Professors and 3 CNRS Research Directors.


The laboratory activity includes in-depth physico-chemical characterization of the formulation developed. The over facilities of the laboratory are listed in the webpage
Physico-chemical analyzes
Rheometer (MCR 302, Anton Paar)
Franz-type diffusion cell
Chromatographic instruments (HPLC Merck, Agilent et GC 2010 Plus, Shimadzu)
Dissolutest (DT12R, Erweka)
Schulze Ring Shear Tester (RST-XS, Dr Dietmar)
GRANULOMETER, (Mastersizer MS3000, Malvern, Zétasizer nanoseries ZS, Malvern)
Spectrometer FT-IR Nicolet® IS50
Thermal analyzes
Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) TG209F1, Netzsch
Differential Scanning Calorimeters, DSC Q200, TA
Dynamic Vapor Sorption, DVS Advantage ET, Surface Measurement Systems
Water activity analyzer, FA-st/1, GBX
Temperature and Climate Test Chamber, Vötsch
Suntest cps+(Atlas)
Lyophilisateurs, Cryonext
Microfluidizer LM 20, Microfluidics
Géluleuse, (Bonapace)
Simulateur de compression Styl’One (Medel’pharm)
Machines à comprimer rotative (Piccola Riva, Korsch)
Machine à comprimer alternative instrumentée (Korsch)
Granulateur (Glatt)
Mélangeurs granulateurs (Turbula)
Lit d’air Fluidisé (Aeromatic-Fielder)
Reflectance laser probe (Lasentec FBRM ® )
Light microscope (Leica DM LM)
Light microscope in cold room (Leica MZ12, Leica 2000R)
Temperature control Microscope Anacrismat®
Video Probes: EZProbe-D25®L1200, EZProbe-D25®L220, EZProbe-D12-L800


UMR 5007 Laboratoire d’Automatique, de Génie des Procédés et de Génie Pharmaceutique (LAGEPP)
43 bvd 11 Novembre 1918
69622 Villeurbanne